Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk By Sahadikr

The immortals are here!

Do you see? Try out this amazing Mini Militia Hack and you will! The mortals are going to morn and what you will do is kick some serious ass and why that?

Because you are now going to get the most awesome mod ever made for Mini Militia- THE MINI MILITIA MEGA MOD!

The title says it all but there is a lot more to this amazing Mini Militia Hack, so keep reading....

What is the MINI MILITIA Mega All in one Mod?


Given that most of the players, especially the ones who are new to Mini Militia, have a tough time even surviving the match and we are not even talking about killing. And, we thought that what if we could have a mod that would give never let the health bar go down. How great would that be for a newbie to have no fear of being killed or shot down by powerful opponents. This mod is not for pro players because, let's face it, do you really need it?

Coming back, this Mini Militia Mod by Sahad ikr will wipe off all your troubles and enjoying the privileges of an immortal, you can actually learn playing a game like a pro!

So call yourself an immortal and let the enemy go crazy trying to kill you in vain. This is the Rajnikant Mod of Mini Militia, literary. 

And now, let me make this clear. When we talk about surviving the whole game, we mean it. So, no matter what weapon, gun or bomb your opponent is using or what mod he has, he will not be able to kill you. By any means, fair or crooked the enemy can sell his soul but he won't be able you pluck a hair on you head.


mini militia pro pack hack

Now not only this amazing mod gives you unlimited health but there is so much more that you get! And if you ask me, this is the best mod ever for a person who has just started playing this game. Because-

  • Mini Militia would look really easy and simple on the surface but when you are in the match and there is blood war going on where you don’t even know who shot you dead, YOU'LL NEED THIS MOD.
  • Mini Militia unlimited health hack isn't just cool because it offers you the immortal life but because you can actually LEARN TO PLAY MINI MILITIA. You'll learn how to shoot, when to shoot, how to defend and everything. But these all things will happen when you actually survive through the match and that's Why we recommend you to Try this mod.

Now, that you know why this Mega Mod hack is so amazing, let's check out what more it has to offer you!


Mini Militia MOD HACK APK


Unlimited Health- Be the God of the game, have unlimited health and enjoy all privileges! Let them call you immortal and use any weapon whatsoever over you in vain. No weapon is powerful enough to kill you and I can’t see any mod that can outrank the God Mod with these features.

Unlimited Ammo- Health okay, out of ammo? Don’t worry, we took care of that as well. Now with the Mega Mod, you can have unlimited ammo as well. This Mini Militia hack will blow off your scores so high! Shoot carefree and take down every enemy that comes into you way. Be the king of the game and enjoy the Mini militia Mega mod like it was meant to br! You don’t need any pro packs or store purchased weapon when you’ve got the all of the best Mini Militia mods in one!

Pro Pack Unlocked- Tired of the limited pro pack, now have it all with any time limit! With the Mini Militia Mega Mod, unlock all the pro packs! Enjoy the Mini Militia Pro Pack unlocked so you can have everything that you ever wanted! Pick up any gun you like, use the amazing weapons and everything in the pro pack for free only with the Mini Militia Mega Mod because why settle for less when you can everything, right?

Suicide Option Added- Bored of being immortal? Don’t worry because with. The new updated version, we have added an option to suicide. All that you need to do is go on to an empty space and wait for a while, you’ll be dead soon. As good as this suicide option is, this trick can be easily used by someone against you so watch out!

HD version- When you are getting so many amazing Mini Militia hacks so when play it on standard version. Enjoy the high end of the game and play the Mini Militia Mega Mod in full HD. High resolution and the amazing hacks make the perfect combo of endless gaming. So, jump up from the standard level and play Mini Militia in full HD.

No root- If you are stressing over hundreds of guides on how to root your device then calm down. Another awesome feature of this awesome Mini Militia Mega Mod is that you don’t need to root your device for it. The installation are easy and simple, and need no extra work. Download and install. Easy?

Unlimited flying power-  Now that you have unlimited health, infinite ammo and amazing guns, your tiny feet will leave you behind. And that’s why, we got you the never ending flying power with the Mega Mod! Fly up to your enemy and take him down because your nitro bar will always be filled!


download mini militia mod

Love it? Don’t wait then, download the amazing Mini Militia Mega Mod right here. Click on the Mini Militia Mega Mod apk and enjoy the game the way you wanted! 

The download is 100% secure, virus and malware free so you can download it without any stress.

Do remember to have a good internet connection, waiting will make you more anxious.

Download it now, right now! Click on the Mini Militia Mod by Sahad ikr download button right down here and you are good to go! Play this game with  awesome Mega Mod you will be.



  1. Once you have uninstalled any previous version of Mini Militia or any kind of Mini Militia Mod or hack that you had, you are good to go.
  2. From the given link to Mini Militia Mod  by sahad ikr , download the apk file and save it at a accessible location I your device.
  3. You do not need any kind of root or extra software for installing this mod, so you can straight away go to the file location and click on the Mini Militia Mod apk file.
  4. This will pop out a permission setting for installing apps from unknown sources. You can give the app the necessary permissions and the app will automatically be installed.
  5. That’s it! You can now play on the server with your friends the most amazing game of all time and now with the best feature unlocked!


As awesome as it is, you should know how you should use this mod the way it’s meant to be and the way that doesn’t end you up in the ditch. So, basically, this mod was made to encourage newbies in learning to play Mini Militia. If you are already a pro, you may use it just for fun or otherwise you won’t really have any fun.

But still, for the newbies and for anyone playing this Mini Militia Mod by sahad ikr there some things that you need to and you should understand and learn before playing the Mini Militia Mega Mod.

Remember what you came for!

For a learner, this mod is like a miracle. You can have unlimited health, nitro, ammo and everything so you can understand how things work in the game and overall to make it easier for you to survive the game. Use this Mini Militia Mega Mod to become a pro because the real matches will get bloody brutal.


Beware of players in online mode quick play. If you are playing on the quick play mode with random online players then watch out! These players may be using a Mini Militia hack. This could be anything, even the Mega Mod just like you. So, use your head and hit them where it hurts!

If you come across someone who is using the MOD APK then try this-

Defending against the Mega Mod Hack:

  • Drag then to empty space
  • Lure them near a cliff
  • Empty space will make them die automatically!

Clever, isn't it?

To brief....

The Mini Militia Mega Mod is the God Mod of all mods (Tongue twister, try speaking this line 5 times rapidly 😛?)

You get everything that you ever wanted in a hack. You can Fly around as much as you can with the Unlimited Nitro, Shooting your enemies like a Pro with never ending Ammo and defying their attacks like you're made of titanium with this Mega Mod by Sahad Ikr. Basically, you the GOD OF THE GAME.

But remember! This is for you to learn and pick up tricks so when you are not playing with any mod, you can still play like a pro. So, use your powers in the right direction and enjoy the real spirit of the game because there is nothing like winning all on your own.

The battles can get a bloody, so prepare yourself right!

Hope you liked the mod and are headed in the right direction. Check out more of our amazing Mini Militia Mod.

Haven't downloaded it yet? Click here to download it right now!

Having trouble? Write to us right away or drop a comment!

mini militia mod by SAHAD IKR
Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk By Sahadikr
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